Women’s health magazine tips


1 Healthy food: more sweets,
dairy foods, and vegetables

Vedic knowledge postulates the women’s nature greatly differs from that of men. A woman has to live in compliance with her female nature, only then a real happiness is to be found. Our womens health magazine can help you

What’s the best food for a woman? First, you must add more sweets in the ration. Sweet foods are very good for the hormone system of women, they better her spirits, she derives a sense of satisfaction in eating them. It certainly doesn’t mean you are allowed to consume chocolate and cakes in large amounts. There are sweet and at the same time healthy food products. Here belong raisins, Ayurveda sweets, bananas. In order for sweet food to strengthen female health, it must be consumed before evening.

It is also advisable for females to consume more dairy food, as they are highly related to the moon energy that provides us with energy and sustains normal hormone balance. Vegetables possess powerful feminine energy as well, so they definitely need to be included in your meals.

As far as flour and meat are concerned, it is best to eat them as little as possible. In fact, meat is desirable to be entirely excluded from consumption. It produces the energy of cruelty, which doesn’t fit the tender nature of women. So, to follow one’s nature, to keep healthy and enhance the female qualities, women had better eat more sweets and dairy foods, as well as vegetables.

2 The right time for sleeping

Now it is conventional to retire for the night late at night, but it is at early night (approximately up to half past twelve) that the feminine sex hormones are produced. Women’s health services advise you to go to bed at 10.00pm, or even at 9.00pm. If the body is sleeping at that time, after a while the mind will be free of anxiety, you will obtain peace and tranquility, you will cease to be nervous and will be capable of doing more things. The best time for getting up is before 6am.

3 Clothing: skirts or pants?

Today plenty of women prefer jeans. When choosing your clothing, you should consider the stream of energy in the organism: if it is clamped, the vigor stagnates, and if it is loose, the vigor comes out. In males, the vigor of the body comes up, which develops their activities and will. So, trousers and loose top is natural clothing for men.

In females, the opposite is true. Top should be covered, and bottom should be free. Our feminine energy heads down, and this downward stream is related to the sexual function. So you are not to constrict your legs. Female beauty still depends on its fullness with hormones: when their level is lowered, health and beauty are also gone. Thus, a woman must look after her hormone system and put on the proper clothing.

4 The proper view of work

Among other health topics concerning women is her work. The women’s nature is intended for love: the destination of a female is to give her family love, to take care about them, and achieve atmosphere of comfort and happiness. The family's health needs 70% of the women’s energy.

Our education has barely any connection with family values. It gives you the possibility of being active in the society and living a "male type of life". Ultimately, your mind becomes stressed, hormone functions are disordered, there appear permanent depressions, as you don’t live in the compliance with your true nature. There is hardly any happiness in your life if the career plays the paramount role.



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5 Environment: society or home?

Men’s health consists in being active and achieving his aims, while for a female it is most important be pleased emotionally. If a woman spends a great deal of time in society it takes her energy while at home she gains it. Thus, the best environment for a woman is her home, and for males society. A man who spends more time at home than it is desirable becomes unhappy, but a female spending most of the time with her family is blissful and glad.

A woman is most happy when she is home. She is in need of walking barefoot and obtaining the energy from the Earth, of watching the sun, being engaged in gardening. Then she lives in compliance with her nature and becomes friendly and jolly.

6 Care about your family

Women’s health care includes decorating the world with beauty and love. The feminine force needs to find a way to release. Indolence doesn’t bring any happiness. Thus, you must care about your family and yourself. Many women’s magazines note that woman's vocation is to give warmth, affection and love. To do household duties with love causes a real happiness. If a woman cares about her man, he has enough vigor for self-development; as far as his career is concerned, it is on the upswing.

Moreover, it’s essential to look after one’s internal condition. Man perceives it when his woman feels like a beautiful flower. Then he is certain to go home with cheer and inspiration.

7 Development of feminine traits

Many a woman lacks the special feminine force. We have it in our nature – to be soft, tender and sensitive. But at work, such qualities don’t develop. So we have to learn to feel that way. Then our personal life will get better, since it is not our ability to earn or lead that our males value us for. They value us for the capability of being fragile, gentle, considerate, and obedient.


1 Consume flax seed

In the mornings, next your heart, consume a tablespoon of this product. Chew this seed thoroughly, and then drink the demanded quantity of water. In thirty minutes you may have your meal.

  • This method will splendidly clean the body.
  • Your skin grows fresher and smoother.
    There may be a faint, but wholesome deprivation of fate.
  • Besides, flax seed enhances your nails and hair.
Flax seed are not allowed to be consumed in case
you have stones in your organism

2 Consume beets

One more product worth mentioning is beet. You can prepare salads of it. You may eat it at dinner or at breakfast.

  • This vegetable is a wonderful purifier for blood. Healthy blood surely contributes to your beauty.
  • This product has also a wholesome effect on your internal organs (such as liver).

3 Vitamin E, glycerol

Our women’s health magazine recommends applying over face a substance made of vitamin E alongside glycerol. It is favorable to do it every day. It is quite easy to prepare this substance.
You need glycerol (thirty gr.), vitamin E (10 capsules). Pierce them with a sharp needle and release the oil.
These ingredients are easy to buy at the chemist’s for quite an agreeable price.
Before using it, you need to have your face cleansed, giving it a light massage.
There is a shortcoming – your skin becomes a trifle tacky until the mix is absorbed.

  • Each morning you are sure to notice the perceptible skin reactions.
  • It fights very effectively "crow's feet". Just try it and any comments won’t be necessary.

4 Eat nuts

Every day eat fifteen grams of various nuts. Pay special attention to almonds – one of the principal beauty secrets of women of the East.

  • It is good for nails, bad hair.

5 Apply hair masks

Once in several days, there is the time of a hair mask consisting of mustard powder. Dilute it so that it resembles mush. Add vegetable oil (different kinds may be employed). Apply it over wet hair, hold for twenty-thirty minutes, wash away.


If used regularly, in a month you’ll be amazed at a luxurious mane your previous hair has turned into.



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6 Looking after feet

For sleeping you are to own socks of natural fabrics, for instance, cotton or wool.
Prior to your retiring for the night, after having a bath, grease your feet with a piece of butter, adding some mint oil. Next don your socks. Afterwards retire for the night.
In 3-4 weeks, your feet are surely to be the item of envy.


The procedure, carried out during a month before going seaside, will be of great help for you. You’ll be proud to display your beautiful feet.

7 Looking after eyelashes

Now let us proceed to taking care of your lashes. For this, a mascara tube will be of use.

  • First, wash it thoroughly inside by means of lathered brush.
  • Dry it.
  • Drip inside wheat germ oil.

Home means for your lashes being strengthened is ready.
Before you retire for the night, use that oil. It is rather easy to apply with a small brush.
Note that too abundant application would be redundant. It is sufficient to oil your lashes a little.
In several weeks you’ll notice the lashes have grown, becoming thicker.

8 Salt scrub

Among numerous natural health tips for taking care of skin, the following one should be paid particular attention.

  • Take 250ml of salt and 250ml of thick sour cream.
  • After having a shower, give your body a careful massage using the resulted substance, wash it away.
  • Repeat it after a bath every day. You may keep the mix in a refrigerator.
  • Salt washes off the redundant old skin; it also disinfects it. In case you have little spots, they’ll be gone soon.
  • Cream alleviates the effect produced by salt, it prevents your skin from being scratched.
  • An amazing result may be achieved by using it regularly.

9 Buy amaranth oil

Another precious thing to mention is amaranth oil.

The principle constituent of the given oil is squalene, and it is the principle element of the skin.

This oil has no rivals in fighting wrinkles, scars, and so on.

The oil should be used daily, being applied not only over your face but also over your body.


This will enable you to say goodbye to many a problem. The only disadvantage of the given oil is its cost. Yet, it is definitely worth it.

10 Looking after hair

A special solution is necessary for rinsing hair after you wash it. All you need is some menthol oil (five drops for a liter).


Why do this? The question disappears immediately after the first try.

  • It’ll give you pleasant freshness.
  • This remedy is good even for relieving headache.
  • It effectively fights dandruff.
  • It helps in cases of excessively fat hair.

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