Men’s health magazine tips

How to live longer: the secret to longevity

Experts have compiled a list of recommendations to be followed by man for his keeping in good health. Reap our the best mens health magazine tips.
1. Professionals advise first of all to refuse smoking and drinking alcohol. Everyone knows how much damage these pernicious habits cause to the body.
2. Man should not lead a sedentary lifestyle – it is advisable to move more. Morning exercises are of great importance. They do not take much time, so you should do them regularly despite a day of the week.
3. Contrast shower and rubdown with a rough towel improve blood circulation.

4. Proper and quality nutrition will definitely give positive results in all respects. A list of useful products for men we will mention below.
5. Moisturizing creams that protect skin from the sun also help to delay the emergence of wrinkles.
6. Sleep should be no less than six hours a day.
7. Daily consumption of two liters of purified water affects life expectancy.
8. The man’s body is under the protection of testosterone, normal production of which requires regular sex with one partner.

5 simple tips for improving your health

Cardiovascular diseases are traditionally regarded as disorders of elderly people. However, people of 35-40 years increasingly complain of high blood pressure, especially men. This is also the case with urogenital diseases (for example, prostatitis). If a person leads a sedentary lifestyle, musculoskeletal diseases and obesity are inevitable.

Therefore, doctors give you 5 simple recommendations,
compliance with which will benefit every man:

Give up bad habits (smoking,
Do morning exercises.
Have regular sex.
Mind your nutrition.
Avoid negative emotions.


Smoking is a cause of life reduction in general and appearance of cardiovascular diseases in particular. The fact is that the carbon monoxide, formed during the combustion, binds strongly with hemoglobin, and the red cells simply cease to function. The result is often anemia, which leads to insufficient oxygen supply to the cells – hypoxia.

Research of reputable scientists confirms drug nature of alcohol dependence, despite assurances from the Ministers of economic development. The truth is, it is convenient for them to keep their people on a short leash.

So, what is the real effect of alcohol on the body? First of all, it agglutinates the red blood cells. As a result, the tissues experience “oxygen starvation”, which occurs in smoking. Particularly affected are the nerve cells. It triggers disruption of the brain (memory, adequate perception of reality, etc.). Thus, you should not seek for relaxation by drinking alcoholic beverages, because the damage the body receives is much more than the benefit of even small amounts of alcohol.



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Regular sex life has a positive impact on the state of the urinary organs and mental health. Sex is a natural need of the representatives of both the stronger and the weaker sex.

Long-term abstinence often provokes stagnation of sperm, which can lead to prostatitis and similar ailments. But we should not rush into extremes: chaotic, casual sex only increases the risk of being infected by sexually transmitted diseases.

In addition, the state of the genitourinary system (as well as muscles, bones, and cartilages) is directly influenced by food, as it is through it that the body gets the necessary micro- and macronutrients.

Foods to enhance male health

A short snack with junk food will satisfy your hunger, but cause much damage to your health. Constant consumption of such products causes particularly negative effects; it may lead to gastritis, obesity, and other diseases. So, what food should be consumed by a man?

First of all, you need to know what chemical compounds your body requires. If a man consciously makes the choice of food, then disorders will occur much less frequently. So, attention should be paid to the following products:


As is seen, the list is not small, so men can be peaceful – fasting is not necessary. Still, you should not go into extremes. If you constantly overeat, then the toxins will accumulate in large quantity, which will lead to various diseases.


It is no secret that most men enjoy meat. And this fondness is natural. Meat contains protein (necessary to build muscles) and iron – component of hemoglobin. Of course, vegetarians consider it awful to eat dead animals, calling it something immoral and shameful.

However, normal physical work is merely impossible without eating meat. In addition, there are certain amino acids that are contained only in the animal organism. Therefore, it is essential to consume meat, especially at an early age, when the development of bones, muscles and all other organs occurs.


Scientists have proved that polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) Omega-3 improve heart function and immune system. Besides, the small amounts of these compounds contribute to the normal growth of the child’s body. As far as adults are concerned, it reduces the risk of cancer development, as well as prostate cancer.

Omega-3 is to be found in oily fish: salmon, tuna, etc. Specialists recommend eating such meals at least once a week, or else you should pay attention to the preparations created on the basis of fish oil. They also contain Omega-3.


All seafood is rich in iodine because this chemical element is present in sea water in large quantity. Apart from iodine, oysters contain zinc, necessary for normal synthesis of sperm and testosterone. Certainly, every man is interested in the successful procreation, normal self-esteem and a decent level of libido.

Testosterone is the key factor in the formation of a healthy personality. Eating 3-4 oysters a day will fill the reserves of zinc and iodine, so they must be present in the ration.


Eggs contain protein, iodine and many other useful elements for the development of the chick embryo: nature cannot leave such an important process without proper support. American scientists note that egg protein is essential for the synthesis of sperm – 2-3 eggs a day will bring definite benefits.


Potassium in large quantities is present in bananas. It is engaged in the transmission of nerve impulses, formation of bones and muscles. It is vital for the heart and blood vessels. A potassium deficiency is often the root cause of heart attack and hypertension. Hence, eating bananas is very important for men.


Lutein is required for the eye health. It is a pigment which protects eyes from the aggressive blue-violet part of the spectrum and enhances the ability to distinguish small details. Men definitely need the clarity of eyesight because the work of many of them is often associated with great responsibility (drivers, crane operators, etc.). Spinach is rich in lutein, but in case you don’t like its taste, you can mix it with any vegetable or fruit.


Tomatoes contain lycopene. If this compound is present in the male body, the risk of prostate cancer and cardiovascular diseases is significantly reduced. Daily man’s ration should contain tomatoes or tomato juice, but ketchup (with its carcinogenic preservatives) is better to exclude.


Nuts will help to reduce the effects of the consumption of fatty foods (for example, deposition of cholesterol plaques). Here belong walnuts, Brazil nuts, pistachios, etc. In addition to vegetable protein (25%) they contain magnesium and selenium, which are necessary for normal functioning of the muscular system and the liquefaction of blood clots. It is said that 3 walnuts a day prolong life for 7 years. Although it’s a tale of a tub, the usefulness of nuts is indisputable.



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Simple carbohydrates (e.g., sucrose) are rapidly absorbed in the intestine, but not always used fully, being put as a reserve in the form of fat folds. Nutritionists recommend eating complex carbohydrates contained in whole grain barley, wheat, oats, etc. In addition, these compounds have a positive impact on the intestinal microflora – the bacteria synthesize vitamins of group B.


As a person grows older, it becomes harder for milk to digest, as lactose gradually ceases to be synthesized. In children, this compound is present in excess, but adults should give preference to products such as cheese, yogurt, etc. They contain a lot of protein and calcium, which are necessary for the work of muscles, including the heart. Even athletic trainers advise to regularly eat such dishes to enhance physical strength and endurance.


Broccoli is rich in sulforaphane – a compound that has anticancer and antibacterial effect. Besides, the frequent use of this product strengthens the heart, nerves and blood vessels. If there is no broccoli in the place you live, it can be replaced with cabbage.


These have a positive effect on potency and libido. If at a young age the effect is barely noticeable (as there is no need in improving it), then after 40 years, men confirm the improvement in erection and libido. These products can be added as seasoning to main dishes, but a little bunch will also be useful.


Pumpkin seeds are rich in vegetable protein and various kinds of vitamins. But their main value is that 200g of the product contains the daily requirement of zinc, essential for the synthesis of testosterone. In seeds there are polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6; therefore, in cases of the deficit of sea fish you can reckon upon the replenishment of fatty acids by means of these seeds.


Avocado is immensely valuable for its strong impact on health. The fruit contains a number of healthy elements that have an impact on the reproductive function, sexual life, psyche, and the nervous system of men.


The stronger sex, experiencing daily physical activity, will surely enjoy juice that gives strength and contribute to fast refreshment. It also has a positive effect on potency, libido, improves the quality of personal life.


Numerous health tips for men include consuming ginger. It has the properties of strong aphrodisiac. The consumption of ginger root helps to increase testosterone level in blood.


Figs contain potassium, necessary for normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. It improves digestion, reduces the risk of cancer. Figs also refer to natural aphrodisiacs, they have amino acids, which are beneficial for the level of libido.


Cinnamon contributes to getting rid of infections. It cleans the urinary system and helps cope with prostatitis and many other diseases.



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Proper vitamins – a source of longevity

Besides the above described products, it is desirable to include in the diet fresh fruits and berries. They contain vitamins, which are essential for normal physiological processes. Basically, vitamins are equally necessary for men, women and children.

However, there are some types of bioactive substances that could influence the potency: men should pay attention to them. So, vitamins for men's health:

1. Vitamin C (citrus fruits, rose hips) boosts immunity and elasticity of blood vessels. It improves blood flow to all organs, including genitals. Daily norm for men is 100 mg.

2.Vitamin E (greens, vegetable oil, eggs) prevents the formation of free radicals, improves capillary permeability and blood circulation. Daily dose is 30 mg.

3.Vitamins B6 and B12 (dairy products, nuts, fish, meat, liver) increase the synthesis of testosterone, contribute to the digestion of protein, improve brain activity.

They are synthesized by the microflora in the human intestine, so no abundant intake is required: B6 – 2 mg, B12 – 2 mcg.

Do not exceed recommended dosage in the pursuit of effect. Hypervitaminosis is fraught with allergic reactions such as rashes, itching, reddening of either certain areas of the skin or the whole body surface.

Easy gymnastics – moving up “the health ladder”

It is strongly recommended that morning exercises be done on a regular basis. It activates blood circulation, which, after rising from bed, is always a little slowed down. There is no need in special training, since everyone knows such exercises from school.

However, the goal of gymnastics for men is improving blood flow in the pelvic area to increase potency. Exercises should be started with a warm up of the neck, then proceed to the belt:

1. 5 circular head movements to the right, then to the left.

2. 5 circular swings of hands back and forth.

3. 5 trunk bendings to the right/left and forward/backward.

4. 5 circular movements of the pelvis to the left and right.

5. 3 sets of 10 squats with 1-minute break.

Such exercises must take 10-15 minutes; even a very busy man can afford it. Especially it will be useful for those who have sedentary work or a sedentary lifestyle. Daily exercise will improve blood flow and increase the general energetic tone of the body, as well as your mood and self-esteem.


Perhaps it is not so difficult to answer the question "What is needed for good men's health?" Yet, to follow the proposed recommendations is much more difficult. A person gets used to a certain rhythm of life, not even thinking about the healthy and the harmful sides. When a disease is already diagnosed, it is usually too late to apply preventive measures. That is why it is necessary to refuse smoking and alcohol, and focus on proper nutrition and regular exercises.
Check more information concerning healthy lifestyle to be aware of the latest health news.
Be healthy!

Thank you!