How to be healthy right now?

“The doctor of the future will give no medication,
but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame,
diet and in the cause and prevention of disease”
Thomas Edison.


We all are anxious to be healthy, so why are there few of us who can say they have good health? Despite the increase in sales of medicines and the emergence of manifold tasty foods, the rise of such diseases as cancer, diabetes, asthma, nervous disorders, diseases of the cardiovascular system is observed year by year. Maybe we’re looking for the secrets of health in the wrong place? Try our health tips.

Health depends 70% on us, 10% on medicine and 20% on genetics, that is, heredity. Therefore, everyone must assume responsibility for his own health. Note: the majority of people do not comply with the principles of health – they want to avoid pain and diseases without health care. But miracles do not happen. When the body squeezes everything out of itself, there is a collapse, and it usually happens suddenly.

Of course, there are cases when some medications and surgical operations are necessary – they may save your life, but we are talking not about critical situations. We aim at keeping our precious health good and prolonging it for years, aren’t we?

When the branch of a tree is cut down, it produces sap and heals itself. Likewise, each of us is given wonderful, life-giving forces which heal the body from any disease, if you create the right conditions. Everything in the Universe is controlled by strict laws… including health. These laws contain secrets giving us the power over every disease. These are the secrets of true health!

The laws of true health have existed since humans came into being. Knowing these laws, we can overcome any disease and reach such a level of health which most of us can only dream of.

There are numerous men’s health magazines as well as women’s health magazines that provide people with much useful advice. We have chosen the most beneficial ones for you to be aware of the necessary measures which must be taken by those who want to be healthy.

Certainly, some medicines and surgical operations are necessary, they save lives, but we are not talking about critical situations. We want to preserve our precious health, to multiply it for many years. Is not it?

What happens in Nature, when a tree branch is chopped off, it releases juice and heals itself. Also, each of us is given miraculous, life-giving forces that heal the body from any disease, if we create the necessary conditions for this.

Everything in the universe is governed by strict laws ... including health.

These laws contain secrets that give us power over any disease.

These are the secrets of true health!
The laws of true health have existed since the time when people appeared.

Knowing these laws, we can overcome any illness and achieve the level of health that most of us can only dream of.



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The mind controls the whole body. Health begins first in the brain – both mental and physical. It is really a powerful force which guides all our actions, determines the behavior and controls every cell of our body. Any belief that you will not be able to achieve something weakens you.

Healing from illness is the subject of focusing of our mind. Heal your body by means of visualization, and affirmations for health should be written and read aloud as often as possible. You can use the following formula.

“Every day I feel I am becoming healthier.
I am healthy, strong and energetic.
Now things are going better in my life.
Every day I feel better in all respects.”

“Every day I feel I am becoming healthier.
I am healthy, strong and energetic.
Now things are going better in my life.
Every day I feel better in all respects.”

“Every day I feel I am becoming healthier.
I am healthy, strong and energetic.
Now things are going better in my life.
Every day I feel better in all respects.”

“Every day I feel I am becoming healthier.
I am healthy, strong and energetic.
Now things are going better in my life.
Every day I feel better in all respects.”

“Every day I feel I am becoming healthier.
I am healthy, strong and energetic.
Now things are going better in my life.
Every day I feel better in all respects.”


You can make up your own affirmations, the main thing is to repeat them several times a day. Try to do it as often as possible, at least in the morning, afternoon and evening. Soon enough it will be imprinted in your brain and you will gain a sense of true health.

There is nothing that our mind cannot handle. The main difference between those who succeeds in healing that way and those who cannot lies in the fact that the former believe in the possibility of recovery, while the latter do not.

This is the first law of true health. It is all in our mind!
Only he who believes will win.


You are quite aware that such things as exercises, jogging, and swimming are of immense importance for all, and I will not repeat all these truths. But something still I will mention.

Exercises are extremely important for our health, we are not adaptable for sedentary lifestyle. Imagine an arm that was plastered for several days. In this short time the muscles of the arm will weaken and atrophy. Without exercises the whole body weakens. There is a great benefit in exercises which make you sweat and speed up your breathing. Fast walking, jogging, swimming, dancing, cycling – all this comprises a significant part of healthy lifestyle. It is important not to overdo, and increase the strain gradually. You need to take 30-60 minutes a day for exercise, and in 10 days you will be amazed at the changes.


The difference between life and death is our breath. Deep breathing is of great importance for our health and beauty; if we aspire to health, we must learn to breathe. You can consume the best foods and swallow expensive patented vitamins, but they will not benefit you until the nutrients get into every cell of your body. In order for them to circulate well in your body, you need to breathe correctly.

Here's how it works: the heart pumps blood into the arteries, from where it enters the capillaries – thin blood vessels. With the blood capillaries get nutrients and oxygen, they dissolve in the fluid – lymph. Your cells absorb nutrients and oxygen, producing toxins. Toxins, dead cells and other toxic substances are washed out by lymph.

The lymphatic system is activated mainly by two factors – exercise and breathing. Modern research has proven that even moderate exercise combined with proper breathing can increase the drainage of lymph fifteen times.

Breathing techniques also help to control pain. They play such a role that pregnant women can learn special breathing exercises to reduce the pain of childbirth.

There is another advantage of proper breathing – deep breathing affects the emotions. It relaxes the muscles of the chest, and it instantly calms the nervous system.

Scientists have discovered that some exercises are most effective to saturate the body with oxygen and to get better lymphedema.

Here are some health tips of the day concerning proper breathing.
1. The inhalation must be long.
2. Hold your breath four times longer than the length of inhalation. The exhalation must even longer.
3. The ratio must be 2 – 4 – 8 seconds.
4. Do these exercises in the morning, afternoon, and evening.
So, deep breathing:

  • Helps to overcome diseases and maintain health;
  • Improves blood circulation;
  • Relaxes and calms the nervous system, relieves stress;
  • Helps to generate energy;
  • Cleanses the body and calms the mind.



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The laws of true health definitely contain proper nutrition. The first rule of healthy eating is choosing fresh and unrefined food. Your house will be good only if you build it with quality materials.

Nowadays there is a good deal of dishonest advertising concerning food products. Manufacturers kill 100% of nutrients and add a few synthetic vitamins, calling it “the enrichment of food”. Sugar and starches give us energy, but apart from them the body needs calcium, zinc, iron and other trace elements and vitamins. If they are not enough, our body takes them from bones and other vital tissues.

1 your nutrition must be healthy

Healthy foods to eat: fresh fruits, vegetables, unpolished grains – dark rice, rye, oats, barley, buckwheat. Remember about beans, nuts, and seeds.

2 it is necessary to establish
the digestion.

Remember that it is very important not only what we eat but also how we eat.

Many people swallow food in a hurry, and then wonder why they have indigestion. You should eat calmly and slowly.

When you chew your foods thoroughly, the right amount of saliva secretes, carbohydrates fission, and the stomach produces a sufficient amount of hydrochloric acid necessary for processing proteins.

3 Never overeat

Remember: you had better eat less than more. The stomach is not any bigger than a fist.

When we stretch the stomach with food, we violate the processes of digestion. Extra calories are deposited as fat which violates heart work and exerts strain in the joints. There is a Japanese proverb: “Head cool, feet warm, stomach 80%”.

4 70% of our food should be products
rich in water

These are fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains and beans. The remaining 30% are starches, proteins and fats.

Every third person is diagnosed with cancer, every second person dies of cardio vascular diseases. Just think about it – our Earth is 70% covered by water, man is 70% consists of water. Doesn’t it indicate the proper diet?

A diet which focuses on foods that contain water is nutritious and cleansing. If we lack of liquid, our blood becomes thick and toxic, as the toxins are not secreted from the body freely.

5 avoid the five destroyers of cells

Destroyers of cells are those products which are particularly harmful to our body. It is primarily sugar. It also harms the immune system because it destroys white blood cells that fight bacteria.
Animal food is meat. You mast have heard that when growing cattle producers pursue profit and, therefore, animals are injected with antibiotics and are fed with hormones for weight increasing. So we get a cocktail of different poisons.
People who eat plenty of meat usually suffer from brittle bones as meat contains many acids. These components are urea and acid. They give the meat flavor, but they are toxic.

Excess of urea irritates your tendons and joints, leads to arthritis and removes calcium from your bones.
The necessary iron can be obtained from fresh greens, grain and legumes. Rice, lentils, spinach, broccoli contain more iron than a sirloin steak. If you wonder how to keep healthy, remember that true health cannot endure without healthy food. You are dependent on what you eat and how you eat.


In numerous studies of Harvard University it was found that LAUGHTER has an incredibly strong effect on our body. For example, laughter makes our brain produce the hormone endorphin – it is a natural painkiller; besides, it stimulates the immune system.

Laughter helps to activate the breath.
It is good exercise for the heart and lungs.
It helps you to breathe more oxygen.
Laughter massages our internal organs, which means it improves blood flow to all organs.
Laughter also helps mental health. It improves the ability to concentrate, helps to cope with stress.

The Bible says: “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones”. Medicine does not focus on it, but it is really true phrase. Laughter is a free and powerful remedy that can deal with any disease.


Many people completely disregard the power of rest and relaxation. You will have good health without giving rest to your body and mind.

Every living being needs to rest – the human, the animal and even the Earth. The Bible says that even God rested on the seventh day after the creation of the world. However, many people consider it unnecessary. We rush through life by leaps and bounds, without thinking that sometimes we need to stop for a while.
We do not have time to watch the sunset or sunrise, breathe in the aroma of cherry blossoms, listen to the birds instead of player in our ears.

Have you ever paid attention to the fact that in this age of technologies intended to save our time – phones, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, dishwashers and dryers – people still do not have enough time, the strain of each day is accumulated and results in chronic fatigue syndrome. Physical and mental rest is extremely vital for good health.

Studies have shown that the relaxation leads to synchronization of electromagnetic waves of the brain, improve reflexes and memory.
Each day you need to devote time to meditation and contemplation.

There is a simple formula how to be healthy, develop a peaceful attitude towards life and stop constantly worrying.

Do not worry over trifles. Remember that there are few things in life that are actually worth worrying.
In order to give some rest to the mind and body, we must live only for today. We cannot rest if we are constantly reflecting upon the past and worrying about the future. It is essential to devote every seventh day to complete rest.


There is one more very important thing – correct posture.

The posture tends to be altered in many professional occupations, especially in people leading a sedentary lifestyle. Often, bad posture develops since childhood because of bad habits, improper and long sitting at the computer, watching TV. The human body is not adapted for such a lifestyle.
Imagine your own spine, you have 26 vertebrae and between each of them there are vessels and nerve roots emanating from the spinal cord. They provide the whole body with nourishment. When you are slouching or sitting in an awkward position, nerve roots and blood vessels are compressed by your vertebrae just as the hose through which the water flows.

The secret of good posture is equilibration.


True health is impossible without healthy environment. Let us start with clean air. A human being can live several weeks with no food and a few days with no water, but will not be able to do without oxygen for more than three minutes. However, many people work in offices where the air passes through the air conditioning system. Stagnant air is distilled day after day. We had better open the office window to breathe fresh air.
There is also a problem with natural lighting. Every life form on our planet needs the sun to survive. Without sunlight our body is not able to produce the vitamin D, and without this one there cannot be normal metabolism of calcium necessary for bones and teeth. Without sunlight the pineal gland cannot function normally either – this small but very important gland is located in the center of the brain.

The pineal gland contributes to the regulation of sugar level in blood, affects the production of hormones and even our emotions. It is because of its improper work that many people suffer from seasonal affective disorders.

Of course, radiation from computers, laser printers, monitors, and fluorescent lights often reaches dangerous level. The usual indoor plants are air purifiers. A recent study has proved that plants absorb most of the toxic gases through their leaves and roots, and also absorb and neutralize excess radiation.

It is not only us who we must worry about; we also must look after about our children and grandchildren. What will we give them? Dirty earth, poisoned air and contaminated water? The future is created today and we need to live in such a way that the harmony and balance of nature should be restored.


Currently there is no room for doubt that faith is one of the most important factors of healing. The thing is that faith gives rise to trust and brings calm to the mind. It gives way to the forces that can work miracles. It is obvious that the power of faith have helped a great many of people suffering from incurable diseases to be healed – that is why it should be a part of true health.

On the opposite side there are doubts, fears, anxiety and unrest. All of them are the destroyers of health. That is why truly religious people are often healthier than others and heal faster if they become ill. In the Bible we read the story of the prophet Elijah who healed a sick boy, and there are also many stories about how Jesus healed the ill through faith.

The power of faith has no boundaries. Still, remember the words “Faith is worth nothing without action”. If we neglect the laws of nature, then all the faith in the world will not save us. We cannot escape from the universal law of cause and effect.

Keep in mind that faith has nothing to do with religion – it lives in the soul of each of us. You only have to look for it. Sometimes we get lucky and there occurs something that points the way.



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There are plenty of ancient texts saying about love. Love is the power that overcomes all.
I once read a wonderful true story about a man traveling through snow-covered expanses of North America. It says about the power of love.

While traveling in the middle of winter, hero got lost between two mountain villages. He was caught by a snow storm. Exhausted and frozen, he felt he could go no farther, the only thing he could do was to lie down and die.

But after a few moments he heard a baby crying. He rose again, and, overcoming the blizzard, marched to the sound. He soon found a girl lying in the snow. The man picked up the baby, pressed her to his chest, trying to warm her with its own warmth, and went on. Afterwards he came upon a wagon, half covered with snow.

The traveler saved the children's live, and fighting for her, he saved his own life.

This is true love which does not require anything in return; it is unselfish as the reward lies in the act itself. By helping others we help ourselves.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Through love, we can solve all problems, overcome enmity... and be healed of diseases. Love is important for health as it is the foundation of life. Without love, life loses its meaning and a person falls into a depression. Love is confronted by anger, hatred, and selfishness, they are the cause of production of toxic substances destroying our body. Love nourishes the body, mind and spirit. It is proved that those people who feel love, get well much sooner than those who feel unloved.

Love is available to any of us, and there is a reliable way to get it:
We always get love when we GIVE love.

“There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer: no disease that love will not heal: no door that enough love will not open...It makes no difference how deep set the trouble: how hopeless the outlook: how muddled the tangle: how great the mistake. A sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all. If only you could love enough you would be the happiest and most powerful being in the world...”
Emmet Fox

There are plenty of books that contain health news and manifold health tips which are sure to produce an incredible effect if you will follow them. Just take this advice and you will be amazed at the changes which will come over you!

Thank you!